Stockholm Ruby


Stockholm Ruby arranges meetups where we learn from each other, network, socialize and sometimes code.

Everyone's welcome. You don't have to be an expert, a Ruby professional or even a programmer at all. If you're curious and in the neighborhood, drop by!

Stockholm Ruby belongs to you. There's no leadership and you don't need anyone's permission to organize any kind of event you like, of any size.


Next event: Rails installfest

Wednesday October 1 at 18:30 The Park, Sveavägen 98, 2 tr

Coming to the intro course? Having trouble getting Rails installed? Is installing the correct Ruby version giving you headaches? Maybe you've only just heard about Rails and would like to try it out but haven't gotten around to it yet?

We're organizing an installation event for people not yet comfortable with the environment, to get you over that first step and any initial confusion. Doesn't matter what platform you're on, we'll help you out with getting things running so you can start hacking away at that project you've been thinking of starting!

Bring your laptop and excitement, we'll bring the Ruby experts.

Food and space sponsored by thoughtbot.