Stockholm Ruby


Stockholm Ruby arranges meetups where we learn from each other, network, socialize and sometimes code.

Everyone's welcome. You don't have to be an expert, a Ruby professional or even a programmer at all. If you're curious and in the neighborhood, drop by!

Stockholm Ruby belongs to you. There's no leadership and you don't need anyone's permission to organize any kind of event you like, of any size.


Next event: Dynamic sites with Rack, Ruby + Neo4J and "From Django to Rails"

Tuesday March 31 at 18:30 SUP46 - Start-Up People of Sweden, Regeringsgatan 29, 5 tr

It's been a while since we've had a proper talk event at STHLMRB. We change that!

Karl Litterfeldt will be starting the evening off, talking about creating dynamic websites with Rack.

Second speaker will be Brian Underwood, Neo4J evangelist and primary maintainer of the neo4j.rb gem. He'll talk about working with Neo4J in Ruby.

Finally Rebecca Meritz will be holding the talk "From Django to Rails: A Journey from Explict to Implicit".

Food, beer and space sponsored by thoughtbot.