Stockholm Ruby


Stockholm Ruby arranges meetups where we learn from each other, network, socialize and sometimes code.

Everyone's welcome. You don't have to be an expert, a Ruby professional or even a programmer at all. If you're curious and in the neighborhood, drop by!

Stockholm Ruby belongs to you. There's no leadership and you don't need anyone's permission to organize any kind of event you like, of any size.


Next event: Pub night

Thursday April 20 at 18:00 The Bishops Arms, Vasagatan 7

You are only required to show up at a pub , have a beer/wine/soda/water/coffee/tea and chat with fellow rubyists about whatever your hearts desires.

This is an unsponsored event unless otherwise stated.

May 18: Pub night

June 15: Pub night

July 20: Pub night

August 17: Pub night