Stockholm Ruby


Stockholm Ruby arranges meetups where we learn from each other, network, socialize and sometimes code.

Everyone's welcome. You don't have to be an expert, a Ruby professional or even a programmer at all. If you're curious and in the neighborhood, drop by!

Stockholm Ruby belongs to you. There's no leadership and you don't need anyone's permission to organize any kind of event you like, of any size.


Next event: Reading dotenv

Monday February 2 at 18:30 The Park, Sveavägen 98, 2 tr

Storing application configuration in environment variables makes configuration easy to change, decouples it from your source code and reduces the risk of checking secrets into source control.

Setting all environment variables when starting your application in your development environment can be a hassle, though. The `dotenv` gem makes this easier.

Together as a group, we will read the source code of the small but handy `dotenv` gem. Reading and discussing code in a group is a great way to learn and develop as a programmer.

Here are some of the questions we will be asking ourselves while reading:

- What's the intent?
- Why was it written this way?
- How does it fit in?

Read the source code ahead of time and reflect on some of the talking points or come up with additional ones:

Food and drinks will be provided by thoughtbot.